Ethical Fashion Artist

Fée Uhssi really made her first steps in the world of Fashion as a stylist. Nurturing a real passion for Fashion since her youngest age, she developed a natural sense of style and an eye for mix and matching colours and shapes. She loves playing with colours and prints, creating looks and advising women on style.

After graduating from university Fée Uhssi spent years working in the Fashion, Beauty and luxury PR industry as a PR and image consultant where she exercised her sense of style and trends to create mood boards, trend predictions etc...

while launching and developing the brand Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury, Fée Uhssi has not only worked as a stylist contributing with photographers for photo shoots, but also as a creative director to put together many fashion shows. She directed fashion and catwalk shows incorporating music, drama, dance, storytelling and poetry, video projection etc…showcasing her own work alongside other upcoming and talented fashion designers with the aim to promote the new generation of ethical fashion designers.



A Proud Mompreneur

Fée Uhssi is a business-minded woman but also the proud mother of four with twins. She likes to define herself as a mompreneur as she aspires to be succeeding as a mother and raising happy and successful children while being successful as an entrepreneur and humanitarian and contribute to making a positive change in the world.

Balancing motherhood and business is extremely challenging, Fée Uhssi had to overcome many obstacles and challenges to achieve her dreams and give life to her vision. From her experience, she was inspired to support other women/mothers with big dreams to fulfil their destiny by offering coaching and mentoring services.

She is also very active in her community taking part in many projects aiming to empower children with a special focus on young girls. She offers workshops and classes using fashion and styling as a media to inspire girls to believe in themselves, embrace their natural beauty and think positive.

Fashion Healing

Fée Uhssi actually defines herself as a Fashion Artist and enjoy contributing with other artists from all type of Art forms. Her creativity is running wild and she loves to experiment new ideas and is always ready for a new challenge.

As she grew up in Paris Fée Uhssi sense of style is highly influenced by the legendary Parisian style and elegance. Born with a rebel spirit and a taste for originality, Fée Uhssi has always been noticed for her unique and original style. 

When she moved to London 10 years ago, she felt the freedom to express her originality fully as the mythic eccentric London look inspired her.

Mixed race and Proud of her African background and heritage, Fée Uhssi's style always been influenced by African Fashion and always included a touch of African print in her daily looks.

Fée Uhssi has a passion for colours! That is where she distinguished herself on Paris streets, flashing bright outfits, daring the total look! She studied for years the healing power of colours and use them to not only on a fashion level but also as remedies to boost up her mood and attract positive energy.

Fée Uhssi's style is all about mixing and matching colours, finding harmony in colours combinations, playing with colours is for her like playing with music notes to create a harmonious melody.