Introducing Fée Uhssi

Fée Uhssi is a Franco Nigerian, Parisian born, Entrepreneur and Creative who now lives and works in London. Fashion Designer, Stylist, Lifestyle coach, business mentor and public speaker, Fée Uhssi is a woman of many talents who follows her positive vision of life and her mission to inspire people to believe in themselves and make the positive changes the world needs. 

Through her work, Fée Uhssi is aiming to inspire women to embrace who they truly are, follow their dreams, love themselves and feel and look beautiful by offering bespoke products and services from personal styling, fashion styling workshop, bespoke fashion designing to empowering workshops and lifestyle coaching. 

Natural born stylist & designer, Fée Uhssi has an innate sense of fashion, style and elegance, a passion for textile and an eye for mixing and matching colours.  With a strong background in communication and PR and a passion for business, Fée Uhssi has become a well-recognised expert and speaker.




A Fashion Artist

As a fashion stylist & designer, Fée Uhssi loves to define herself as a fashion artist. By creating limited edition and using bespoke fabrics, she creates wearable art. She made her first steps in the world of Fashion as a stylist.

Nurturing a real passion for Fashion since her youngest age, she developed an expertise in wrapping by studying different styles and techniques from all over the world. Art of Fashion Wrapping is about sculpting around the body. it is to see the body as a gift and to wrap it with love and beauty!

As a creative director and a stylist, she has worked collaborating with photographers, models, makeup artists and performing artists to create fashion editorial images and to organise events, shows and exhibitions. She directed fashion and catwalk shows incorporating performing arts to mix fashion with music, drama, dance, storytelling, and poetry, video projection etc…showcasing her own work alongside other upcoming and talented fashion designers with the aim to promote the new generation of ethical fashion designers.


A Proud Mumpreneur who means business

Fée Uhssi is a proud mother of four with twins. Motherhood has been playing a big part in building her business. She often says that she found the courage and strength to fulfil her dreams when she became a mother as her heart discovered real unconditional love, her creativity, inspiration and motivation never stopped growing.

Being a mumpreneur is fulfilling but also very challenging and she had to overcome many obstacles to balance business and motherhood. 

Positive Thinker, she believes in the power of positivity and of believing in oneself. Through her work, she aims to inspire women, girls, mothers to believe in themselves, love themselves unconditionally and pursue their dreams to make them a reality.

Fée Uhssi is an active actor to promote better life and access to education and opportunities for women all over the world starting with actions within her community in the UK but also in Africa, the land of her ancestors.




Source of Inspiration

In term of creativity, Fée Uhssi sources her inspiration in nature, colour, light and shade. She loves playing with colours and prints and her work is a constant research on finding harmony and balance by associating different influences and cultures, she is constantly pursuing to find and create unity through diversity. Even if one of the main influences is Africa, Fée Uhssi’s inspiration comes from all around the world.

As much as she sources inspiration in fashion and couture; inspiration and creativity come from lots of different other disciplines and arts: music, painting, sculpting, cinema and theatre, architecture...

Her main source of inspiration has always been Africa. Proud of her African background and sharing a true love and passion for African arts and cultures, Fée Uhssi had committed to share through her work her love for Africa by using materials ethically sourced in the African continent and by giving back to Africa through her charity and community work with her organisation Bolono Mali.



Fashion Healing

Fée Uhssi really made her first steps in the world of Fashion as a stylist. Nurturing a real passion for Fashion since her youngest age, she developed a natural sense of style and an eye for mix and matching colours and shapes. She loves playing with colours and prints, creating looks and advising women on style. She developed a natural and genuine passion for empowering women.

Fée Uhssi’s vision of fashion and business is that it has to be fair trade and ethical. As an artist, a woman and a mother, Fée Uhssi have observed and recognised a lot of issues within the fashion industry and the fashion production chain which comes across her ethos in terms of respect of human rights and positive vision of life. As a businesswoman, she is determined to work ethically with transparency and being able to support education and business development and empowerment within local communities. 

Fée Uhssi designing work is based on producing high-quality garments by using ethical production techniques involving upcycling and recycling in order to apply a zero waste policy. By using some of the best naturals, organic, handmade, natural, bespoke and rare textiles from all around the world, Fée Uhssi achieve to produce luxurious but yet affordable garments for any occasion for everyday wear to special occasions.


Self and Body Love

Fée Uhssi is aiming to promote self-love, self.confidence and positive body image and is hoping to inspire women to feel good and happy about themselves as she believes that self-love is the key to happiness and success.

As a personal stylist, she made her mission to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty, understand and connect with their body to express their own style and elegance.

She views the body as a precious gift and clothing as the packaging of this gift, which should emphasise a woman’s shape and curves. Fée wants to make any women feel beautiful, powerful and free regardless of their body shape, age or ethnicity.

By creating adaptable, bespoke and made to measurements garments, Fée Uhssi offers solutions to the restrictive and discriminative size system.  The garment helps to define the wearer’s style, with the multifunctional pieces adapting to their personality, body shape, culture, mood and style.


Mixing cultures and styles

The brand is all about finding unity in diversity, a research on mixing cultures and styles to find balance, harmony and beauty. Fée Uhssi is aiming to incorporate the legendary sense of elegance from Africa in a fashionable modern and urban interpretation. She loves to mix and match colours, prints, textures and cuts taking inspiration from all over the world.

Fée Uhssi blends cultures, fabrics, colours, prints and shapes in order to create clothing-accessories that can perfectly match any mood, style and trend. The designs can be easily adapted to fit every body shape, making women look and feel beautiful.