Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury Fashion

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is a Fashion and lifestyle brand offering high-end and luxury limited edition and bespoke clothing, accessories, and homeware.






Ethical Luxury or Fashion with a conscious

Fée Uhssi’s vision of fashion and business is that it has to be fair trade and ethical. As an artist, a woman and a mother, Fée Uhssi have observed and recognised a lot of issues within the fashion industry and the fashion production chain which comes across her ethos in terms of respect of human rights and positive vision of life.

As a businesswoman, she is determined to work ethically with transparency and being able to support education and business development and empowerment within local communities. 

Fée Uhssi designing work is based on producing high-quality garments by using ethical production techniques involving upcycling and recycling in order to apply a zero waste policy. By using some of the best naturals, organic, handmade, natural, bespoke and rare textiles from all around the world, Fée Uhssi achieve to produce luxurious but yet affordable garments for any occasion for everyday wear to special occasions.



Supporting Sustainability and Self-Empowerment

Fée Uhssi 's unique designs are created by mixing natural and high quality fabrics ethically sourced mainly in Africa, especially in Mali where she has founded with her mother Kati Ertel, Artist and fashion & textile designer with the aim to preserve and promote natural cotton locally grown in Africa and traditional techniques of textiles printing and painting using natural dyes, while supporting local artists and tailors, and develop education and business opportunities. 

Kati Ertel designs and produces ethical and natural hand painted textiles following the ancestral techniques of Bogolan also now as mudcloth. Through Bolono Mali charity she trains and provides work and business opportunities for local artists and craftmen.  Fée Uhssi works in partnership with local Malian artists through Bolo'no Mali to source textiles and produces some of her designs.

As she believes in developping local businesses Fée Uhssi also works locally in London and a major part of her designs are actually made in England by working with local ethical studios such as Heba Women Project a charity based in East London and providing training and jobs opportunities for women from the Asian community. Fée Uhssi is aiming to develop more parrtnerships with similar oragnisations and charities in Ethiopia and Ghana in the next two years coming. 


Art of Fashion Wrapping

Inspired by and based on Art of Wrapping, where one piece of fabric can be worn in a number of ways to create a truly unique and versatile garment for the wearer, Fée Uhssi has developed the concept of Art of Fashion Wrapping or the art of using a wrap in many different ways to create skirts, dresses, tops, bags, headwrap, turban, belt...

the Art Of Fashion Wrapping line offers a large range of clothing-accessories, including convertible/multifunction and reversible garments, as well as a large choice of fashionable and trendy statement dresses and outfits designed by incorporating African Traditional couture to European modern fashion and trends.


Woman’s shape and curves

Fée Uhssi views the body as a precious gift and clothing as the packaging of this gift, which should emphasises a woman’s shape and curves. The aim is to make any women feel beautiful, powerful and free regardless of their body shape, age or ethnicity. The garments help to define the wearer’s style, with the multi functional pieces adapting to their personality, body shape, culture, mood and style.


Mixing cultures and styles

The brand is all about finding unity in diversity, a research on mixing cultures and styles to find balance, harmony and beauty. Fée Uhssi is aiming to incorporate the legendary sense of elegance from Africa in a fashionable modern and urban interpretation. She loves to mix and match colours, prints, textures and cuts taking inspiration from all over the world.

Fée Uhssi blends cultures, fabrics, colours, prints and shapes in order to create clothing-accessories that can perfectly match any mood, style and trend. The designs can be easily adapted to fit every body shape, making women look and feel beautiful. 

Innovative style concepts

Through creating her different collections and putting together photo shoots to illustrate her vision, Fée Uhssi invented and explored few innovative style concepts such as: Art of Wrapping, Afro Urban Chic, Afro Fairytale, Nomad Princess.

Fée Uhssi has a varied collection of women wear clothing and has plans to expand soon the range to include lingerie, menswear, and children wear.