The Wrap Me Up Collection

From the concept of Art of Wrapping was born the Wrap Me Up collection.  Fée Uhssi worked on creating a capsule collection based on the concept of Art of Wrapping and also inspired by the concepts of change, metamorphose and sustainability.

The Wrap Me Up capsule collection includes 9 multifunction pieces that can be worn in many different ways offering many different style possibilities. Revisited every season with new prints, colors and textures and also available made to order, Wrap Me UP is every woman!

Stylish and Elegant, the collection is a tribute to women and femininity!



The Wrap Me Up collection is a capsule collection compiling statement pieces Based on Fée Uhssi’s concept and expertise: The Art of Wrapping; where a garment can be worn in many different ways. The line offers pieces designed with clever reversible, convertible, multi-way systems to creating many different style options. The Wrap Me Up collection is aiming to be a timeless capsule collection available in different editions to create looks from casual to sophisticated. 

Mixing bright colors and natural tones, European classics patterns with African prints, vintage cuts with on-trend style, it is a two-in-one clothing line timeless and trendy, elegant and comfortable, casual and smart at the same time! Created to complement the basics we all have in our wardrobe, the collection offers pieces easy to mix and match, bringing the wow effect to a simple pair of jeans, black leggings, white shirt, little black dress...



Inspired by the concept and symbolism of Metamorphose and transformation, Fee Uhssi created the Wrap Me Up collection for active and fashionable women with a busy life joggling between their different lives as working girls, business women, superwoman, yummy mummies, femme fatale, role models, or housewives. The idea behind versatile garments is the observation of women’s life nowadays, women are busy and time is precious as much as style, Wrap Me Up offers the possibility to change your outfit in no time, on the go and to always look amazing! Wrap Me Up also adapt to the changes a woman body can go through in her life. Designed to favor women natural shape and curves, the Collection not only offers hundreds of possibilities but also fit many sizes and body shapes. “Wrap Me Up” is also all about making the most of each woman natural beauty by adapting to the body and highlighting the best parts. It is all about seeing the body as a precious treasure and wrap it with style like a gift.


Reflecting the designer passion for textiles and textures and her natural sense of color, while expressing her multicultural identity, the collection mixes ethically sourced high-end handmade and bespoke traditional African textiles with vintage and modern ethical fabrics made in Europe and India.


Wrap Me Up and Art Of Wrapping is also a statement to promote Ethical Luxury Fashion and ethical practices within the fashion industry and business. Fee Uhssi statement is that her designs are made with Love and no pain and no waste which means that there is total transparency within the production chain, materials and fabrics are sourced ethically and locally while supporting development projects and charity actions in all the communities involved in producing Fee Uhssi’s designs. Fee Uhssi and her mother artist and designer Kati Ertel have been running a charity in Mali West Africa for 10 years now to support local artists and produce natural and ethical textiles using African traditional techniques.