It's all about Love

Fée Uhssi believes in the power of love and self-love and is aiming to inspire her customers to love themselves fully! She also believes that products made with love and passion will provide happiness to their wearer and will last longer in a wardrobe. Fée Uhssi is an active supporter of the fashion revolution movement and the love your clothes campaign.

Fée Uhssi also defines Ethical Fashion as conscious fashion and is aiming to share her vision of fashion-oriented on a feel-good point of view and to inspire her customers to find and build their own style as like Coco Chanel used to say “Fashion fades, style is forever!”. Therefor Fée Uhssi is creating quality garments that are designed to last years and be key items part of a wardrobe. 

Humanitarian and peacemaker, Fée Uhssi is campaigning to promote harmonious relationships, unity, collaboration and peace and promotes sisterhood amongst women as she believes that unity is a strength!


Fashion Revolution

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is a Fashion and lifestyle brand promoting a new vision of business by offering products and services designed to participate to make positive change and challenging dictates and stereotypes.

Ethical Luxury is a business with a conscious; Fée Uhssi’s vision of fashion and business is that it has to be fair trade and ethical. As an artist, a woman and a mother, Fée Uhssi have observed and recognised a lot of issues within the fashion industry and the fashion production chain which comes across her ethos in terms of respect of human rights, protection and preservation of the environment and positive vision of life. Therefore Fée Uhssi is an active member of the Fashion Revolution movement.

As a businesswoman, she believes in a new and alternative system for business to be both prosperous and ethical. She is determined to work ethically with transparency and being able to support education and business development and empowerment within local communities. 







Sustainability & Local Development

Fée Uhssi 's unique designs are created by mixing natural and high quality fabrics ethically sourced mainly in Africa, especially in Mali where she has founded with her mother Kati Ertel, Artist and fashion & textile designer with the aim to preserve and promote natural cotton locally grown in Africa and traditional techniques of textiles printing and painting using natural dyes, while supporting local artists and tailors, and develop education and business opportunities. 

As she believes in developing local businesses Fée Uhssi also works locally in London and a major part of her designs are actually made in England by working with local ethical studios.

The Ethical Promise

Fée Uhssi is aiming to spread the word for people to be more conscious about where the clothes they buying and wearing are coming from. 

Fée Uhssi works with organisations to help develop the sustainable structure across the world and seeks out people and businesses that share and support the beliefs of the Fée Uhssi brand. Fée Uhssi’s aim is to promote the use of sustainable, eco-friendly materials and to raise awareness of issues in the textile industry as well as helping to promote handcraft techniques and skills within the fashion and textile industry.

Fée Uhssi aims to promote handmade work, traditional techniques and natural fabrics from Africa and Europe.

The Ethical promise is all about transparency and keeping an eye and being involved in the whole production chain and making sure that the people working on the fabrication of Fée Uhssi’s products are working in respect with human beings rights, are paid fairly and are working in perfect health and safety conditions.